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Some of the services we offer include:


Medical induction of milk production during adoption or surrogacy

Development of feeding plans for patients who have had breast reduction, augmentation, or other surgery

Development of feeding plans in families who have had previous breastfeeding difficulties


Assistance with infant holding, positioning and latch

Medical care of breast pain, infections, blocked milk ducts, mastitis, and breast or nipple wounds

Management of engorgement, overproduction of milk, or low milk supply

Development of plans for pumping or returning to work

Management of breastfeeding in the context of chronic disease or medications


Management of weaning for any reason

*There is never a fee for breast care for the bereaved mother.




Evaluation of infant growth parameters, including infant weight loss or failure to gain adequate weight

Assessment of infant intake, including weighing before and after feeding during a visit

Care plans for the infant with reflux or a medical condition which poses a challenge for breastfeeding

Evaluation and treatment of tongue-tie in the office

Evaluation and management of the breastfed infant with allergy or milk protein intolerance 

Medical management of supplementation, including assistance with Supplemental Nursing Systems

Transitioning from bottle feeding to direct feeding and treatment of breast refusal in the bottle-fed infant

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